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Something wonderful has been happening at Magichorse Gardens.


People come to visit and ask if they may have a photo session with the animals. Simply wanting a photo in a gorgeous setting. Photographers love to use our facilities for: 

  • Weddings

  • Birthday Parties

  • Graduation

Wedding Parties enjoy a pre wedding photo experience with a gorgeous Friesian name Valentino. What could be more romantic and more flattering?

To health and happiness!

Graduation Unique, relaxing, send home a different find of graduation photo to surprise your family.  

Birthday Parties. All, young and old and in-betwen enjoy feeding the llamas, loving the horses, holding the chickens.

Family reunions, celebrations, end of semester get togethers.
A host of loving beings to choose from.. four footed and feathered.

To arrange a photo shoot contact: Dr. Carolyn Mamchur

at 778 684 7040



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