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Sorrowful days but grateful for the new beginnings

There has been a lot happening at Magic Horse Gardens. Some of it fabulous, some so sorrowful, I have been unable to write about it for this past year. The worst possible moment in my life was the passing of my beloved daughter, Mickey. We had created a unique life of friendship and love and shared every aspect of our lives together. She passed away in my arms on Jan 16th 2021 and life will never be the same. Not here, at the gardens, not anywhere.

A second horrific loss was my mare, Twilight, the reason I purchased this farm was so that we could grow old together. I never dreamed she’d pass away before me. It was due to a bad mistake made by both my farrier and vet and I am and always be heartsick about it. There will never be a horse so close to my heart. She was so smart, so loving, and so full of life and laughter.

The third loss was Annie, the beautiful cocker spaniel who was ever at my side. An angel attached to my heart with a silken thread, we were a unit in every way.

Such losses are heavy on your heart and I felt I would sell the sanctuary. I had honestly lost all purpose in life with their passing, of course, mostly with the loss of my child.

I had honestly counted on my heart stopping when Mickey’s did; but my heart failed me. It kept beating. I was alone and alive. The farm was falling apart. I was forced to sell my gorgeous Friesian, Valentino. I could not take care of such a big animal who broke fences and destroyed fields faster than I could find helpers to repair them.

I didn’t care. I had no interest in planting or pruning, in feeding or renting out the BNB cottage. I didn’t want to hold workshops or give myself to anyone or anything. My neighbor, seeing what was happening, recommended his relative as a person who could come and take care of Magic Horse Garden for me. He could live in the trailer Mickey and I had purchased the year before.

Reluctantly, I agreed, provided I didn’t have to be involved in the process of his managing it on his own. I was assured he was totally capable of the task. And so, I hired Tyler Erhardt.

You may hear more about the next year’s events as I get back into communicating on this web site.

The most important thing to tell you is that Tyler and I were married this May and I am sure my daughter sent him to me. He has brought life back to the sanctuary and joy to my heart.

Together we welcome you to the garden and our cottage and coach house. We will be opening outdoors to writers and those wanting animal-assisted learning. All the old dreams have flooded back and life has taken on a renewed purpose.

Thank you all for standing by me in the worst year of my life. Thank you for believing in the sanctuary and for accepting the choices Tyler and I have made in deciding to share what’s left of my life together.

We will be putting up photos and description of the many changes that have been happening since he has become a member of the family of Magic Horse Garden. We will introduce you to our new animals and our new offerings.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.

- Carolyn and Tyler and the soft sounds of Angels’ wings.

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