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What is it?

A workshop designed for counselors to give them specific knowledge of and skill in developing confidence and personal security by accessing the power of presence. Presence - that power which makes people listen when you speak, pay attention when you walk into a room because they sense the wise authority of your inner strength.


This unique professional development opportunity is designed to bring you a special evening and day of learning with expert educators and equine therapists where good food and archetypal training in the relaxed environment of the workshop leader’s home and a gorgeous outdoor setting promises a learning experience like no other.


When is it?

Friday, TBD

Saturday. TBD



The Magic Horse Garden

18905 McQuarrie Road, Pitt Meadows, BC.


How much does it cost?


(includes wine and cheese Fri. evening with a BBQ Saturday lunch).



Casual. Some of the work takes place in garden and horse arena.


To contact:

Email at  or or


Call: Dr. Carolyn Mamchur at 604 465 4077

Enhance your practice with the Power of Presence

Pitt Meadows, BC

For twenty years I have been using Jungian archetypes in my consulting with professional helpers and industry leaders.  When my desire to provide my clients with even a deeper level of authenticity and ability to be centered in troubled times turned me to becoming accredited as an equine therapist, I married the two to produce a unique type of training.


I have been using this new method in my teaching and research as a professor at Simon Fraser University in the teacher training and doctoral programs I have developed in transformative change.


I am now offering this training to professional groups to enhance their sense of presence.  Dr. David Paterson is joining me to provide his expertise in understanding the special needs of the counseling profession and we are delighted to present Jungian Archetype and Equine Therapy this July 16 and 17th.

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