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When you visit Magic Horse Garden, you may not see Mickey working in the yard, with the horses, but you will sense her presence everywhere. I wrote an article about my daughter once and described living with her as being sprinkled with fairy dust.


Born with a missing chromosome, Mickey has struggled with her health her whole life, and she never complains. She focuses on enjoying life, now. Every moment counts for her and that results in her making the most of time, ever present and ever mindful.


No stranger to the animals, Mickey is rarely out in the fields or barns and communicates telepathically. Mickey is the one who “heard” Twilight calling to tell us that Emily was ill. She woke me with a gentle touch to the shoulder, “I think you should go out and check, Twilight is saying something is wrong.” We never question her acting as conduit between us and them. We know she is so uniquely in touch and have come to expect it.


We are together all the time, my only child and I. It has always been that way. We enhance the quality of one another’s lives in so many ways that to imagine life without one another is impossible. Quiet, unassuming, conscientious, caring, she is my silent partner, giving me courage to live life to the fullest. She is the source of so much of the joy and satisfaction in our lives.

Possessing a love of all things living, she graciously serves our guests, our clients.

People feel safe around Mickey, and with good reason. If you need to be understood, need to be encouraged, need to be protected, she’s the one you want at your back. Though graciously calm and engagingly mild mannered, she can turn into a tigress to protect any creature in her charge.


Attentive and insightful, she often works one on one with clients, students who appreciate her special gifts and recognize them in acknowledgements to dissertations, letters of thanks, cards, gifts, and Facebook comments.


Unassuming, completely without judgment, she moves quietly in her work here and offers a welcome that epitomizes the atmosphere of acceptance and unique intelligence we all strive to promote at Magic Horse Garden.

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