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66% Of Americans Willing To Take Pay Cut To Bring Their Dog To Work




















  • Dog Has A Hilarious Reaction When He Realizes Owner Didn't Throw The Ball. Anuko was far from pleased the moment the realization crept over him and Jasmine was able to capture the wonderful moment on camera.


  • Study Suggests Dogs Suffer From Psychological Burnout Because of Humans. Cases of depression in dogs in increasing. But did you know that it could be our fault?


  • Two Dogs Left In Owners' Backseats In 150 Degree Heat. Roswell Police have taken to social media to remind everyone never to leave their pets inside hot cars.


  • Thousands Sign Online Petition Urging Maximum Sentence For Dodson. It's been quite the week for Caitlyn, as both she and the Staff at Veterinary Specialty Care continue to be spoiled, and the thank-you's continue to flood in.


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