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Developing a Sense of Presence Workshop

When you walk into a room, do people notice you?  Pay attention when you speak?

When you run a meeting, are folks alert and responsive?

When you teach or train, are you students or clients just naturally willing to listen and respect you and work along with you?


Then you have developed the leadership style of the Ruler Archetype.


  • The Ruler Archetype is one most coveted in leadership The leader is the presence around which the organization becomes successful.

  • Presence comes from the perfect blending of both positional power (authority) and personal power (referent).

  • How the leader blends these two will determine how favorably or unfavorably followers will respond to the leadership.


The Ruler has a sense of Presence.


  • Ambition comes from “ambulate” – to walk around the realm.

  • A quality of radiance (presence and energy) come from the Ruler.

  • Radiance evokes response and it means that the Ruler must be visible.

  • Besides wanting to see Rulers, we want to be seen by them.

In this workshop you will become aware of and begin to develop the characteristics of Ruler Power:


  • Ambition – assures that everyone realizes and actualizes their own ambition.

  • Vision – the ability to perceive something not actually visible (thru mental acuteness or foresight)

  • Order –provide order to the realm (the natural order of things) An atmosphere, a tone-culture.

  • Mentorship –will nurture, rather than dictate or direct.

  • Affirmation –a form of approval and confirmation by the leader.


Advanced Workshop: The dark side.


When the Ruler feels a loss of control over his/her own life, the Shadow takes over and he/she is in denial and feels he/she has a “right” to that behavior.


  • Learn to recognize when this feeling of loss of control is triggered.

  • Learn strategies to regain control of the self when this happens.

  • Learn to recognize the triggers before they usurp your power.

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