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Tuning into the Collective Unconscious to become a Cutting Edge Decision Maker

How is it that some gifted people seem to have their finger on the spiritual or intellectual or buying pulse of the nation?


How was it that Merv Griffin knew that Jeopardy would make him a billionaire when the head of the studio told him to change the questions… they were too difficult.   He agreed- but didn’t- and Jeopardy became the forerunner for game shows across the world of television.


How was it that Oprah Winfrey knew she could change the lives of millions of people around the world through her belief in self-improvement on a talk show?


How was it that Steve Jobs knew Apple would appeal to the masses and change design in technology forever?


How was it that Walt Disney knew animation ‘come alive’ would become a mecca for families the world over?


How was it that Cocoa Chanel knew it was the right time to introduce a new free chic look for women and become one of the most influential woman of her time?


Would you like be like those leading edge folks who seem to know what’s going to “click” with the masses?


They know what movies to make. They know what brands to develop. They know what fashions will be popular.


How do they do it?


They have that magic something that allows them to make great decisions based on some kind of knowledge others lack.


It’s really not magic.  It’s something we all have, but may have forgotten how to use.

It is intuitive knowledge that let’s you know what people are thinking, feeling.

Jung would say, you have the ability to tune into the collective unconscious.


Learn to develop your intuition and to trust it.  Learn to be sensitive to the field of energy that links all of us.

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