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Dr. Carolyn Mamchur

Research Interests


My research has historically situated itself around creating meaningful relationships with students to enhance deep engagement in learning. The specific focus has been on narrative and Jungian archetypes.


Today, I have expanded my research to include interspecies communication as a means of increasing empathy and awareness.
I find myself asking the question “what knowledge best enables us to take care of ourselves, one another and the creatures that inhabit our planet?”


As a result, both my teaching and my research welcome a divergent, multi-faceted stance, welcoming ambiguity and a willingness to overturn assumptions. There is a tension in my research which mistrusts linear cause and effect and which promotes questions resulting from inquiry as much as answers. Imbedded in all of my teaching and research is a strong emotional connection and trust that emotions accompany engagement of all kinds.

Specialties: Re-engineering, raising intellectual and social capital, literacy, dialogue, branding and identity (as a Jungian analyst I use type theory and archetypes), personal narrative, imaging, equine therapy in all of my work.

I am a certified therapist, able to use EAGALA Equine therapy methods in my consulting and work with those seeking healing through work with horses. I have combined equine therapy, inter-species communication and creative writing in a unique combination for those wishing to work more effectively with others. this work is especially geared towards HR personnel, councillors and teachers.


As a writer/editor I have published novels, texts, poetry, screenplays. As an editor I have worked for Praxis and WIDC. I offer workshops for those wanting to improve writing skills and edit for professional writers. I am always looking for interesting film projects needing a writer or editor.


As a consultant I work in HR to assess key personnel and create programs for personal and professional development. I have worked for 25 years as a consultant for Weyerhaueser (formerly MB) and for Hemmera.


As a professor and Acting Director of Writing Intensive Learning Office I created and ran programs in Adult Literacy at SFU and speak to this issue internationally.

Research and Writing:

Maria Kat: A Trilogy

Partnering as a Living Event

Speaking on Arkology

Trusting Intuitive Knowledge to Inform the Design of a Curriculum Model



A curriculum developer encourages other educators to trust their lived experience to guide their curricular choices by identifying her own process in creating a program that embraces archetype to encourage students to involve themselves in the use of social media which is healthy and fun, which promotes the reading of literature and the writing of narratives, and which develops personal self-confidence and empathy for others.

A Greeting of the Spirit

Mamchur, C. (accepted) “Ash”. Crossing Lines Anthology. Main Street Rag Publishing: Charlotte, NC.   POETRY


Mamchur, C. (accepted) “Look, the Stranger’s Heart, it’s just like mine!” Canadian Review of Art Education: Research and Issues. June, 2015. 



Articles on Narrative and Writing
Mamchur, C., Apps,  L., Nikleva, S. & Kuraendy, K. (2010) Discovering a subject: An intimate affair. Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice, 23(4), 34-42. 
Apps, L. & Mamchur, C. (2010) Finding the “Details that Matter in the Appropriated Works of Las Meninas. Canadian Review of Art Education (37), 23-36. 

Apps, L. & Mamchur, C. (2009) Voyage of Discovery: Artful Language and the Art Student. International Journal of Art & Design Education, iJADE Vol. 28(3), 34-42. 

Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. (July 2009). On the edge of chaos: In search of a process. Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education, 6(2), 115-123.  
Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. (2008) A Personal Path to Self-Efficacy. English Quarterly Canada, Vol. 38. 65-75.  


Mamchur, C. & Shaw, C. (accepted) “An Ethnographic Examination of a Course in Academic Literacy for At-Risk Students”. Arts and Humanities in Higher Education CFP: Journal of Educational Policies and Current Practice       


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